My current mood. Can’t get enough of hypo-Jackson Pollack style Rag & Bone denim. Not really a classic basic to be worn over + over….but I keep doing it.

My office inspiration boards. White wash. Daily PB+J. Next generation suiting. Native Americana. Indigo blue. Yogi. Dutch Modern furniture.

JJ Scholl is a luxury travel + lifestyle blog created by Jenny Lee Walsh, a leading fashion + editorial stylist in Denver and Aspen, Colorado. Jenny also designed + launched the JJ Scholl luggage line inspired by vintage panniers + a family heritage travel.

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One thought on “moody.

  1. Katie Winslow on said:

    YES dying to start an inspiration board myself (I’ve been saying this for nearly a decade…) but now I think is the time to make this creative and functional board a reality, I very well may use a wall with all my pent up previous inspirations brewing inside me…

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