Dear reader,

I know you have probably written me off like the stinky hunk of blue cheese sitting in the back of your fridge from your last cocktail party. Please forgive my utter lack of posting for the 1.5 months. Call it a creative retreat, summer break, sabbatical or what you must. But here I am groveling like Scott Disdick to Kourtney K after a wild night in Vegas for a second chance. Equipped with a new camera battery, I am ready to rock – expect a weekly post from here on out.

You probably don’t want to hear excuses, but I promise I haven’t been loafing on the couch eating bon bons. Au contraire, I have been merchandising, editing, and directing the in-site magazine for a hot new private sale site. The_Hipster provides chic American brands at discount for Australians who are dying to get their hands on these alusive designer duds.

So if you, dear reader, happen to be an Australian – voila! And for all my fellow Americans, you can shop too. I’m extending free shipping on any order within the U.S. to  all JJ SCHOLL readers with the code FriendShip01 . Check out the sales and weekly style Magazine as you peruse the blogosphere with your cup o green tea. Happy Shopping…

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3 thoughts on “missing.in.action.

  1. where are the nude?

  2. Katie Winslow on said:

    YES – so glad you are back in action, you were greatly missed!
    And well done on the site darling, looks fantastic! Cannot wait to make some purchases.

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for such a great information. In these days its hard to find a honest blog.

    This is sooo exciting! I love your blog and check it every day.the blog has grown so much. Wish you & the blog more success!

    God bless 🙂

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