upper crust.

An evening at the bar of Boulder’s recently opened Pizzeria Locale. A meticulously curated space with sleek white tiled floors, marble counters, Barbera on tap, artist illustrated placemats, and an ancient relic of Christ watching over the only V.D.F. prosciutto slicer in North America. Small plates of caper bruschetta and Caprese salad (fresh mozzarella daily) would make even the most discerning customer wipe the plate clean with crusty bread. Scarpetta!

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4 thoughts on “upper crust.

  1. that bread looks so yummy!
    i could never give up bread- it’s just so good..
    everybody is talking about carbs and stuff- but how fun would that be- to be without pasta, bread and all that yummy stuff.. no thanks.

  2. Katie Winslow on said:

    One of the finest restaurants in Boulder. Super photos & details of experience.
    Pizzeria Locale and Fracsa are the absolute best!!
    Wonderful write up, wish we could all be food critics!

  3. Hey Looks great. I knew you guys would be in there quickly.
    Can’t wait to go. What did you drink?

    Are you in the new place?

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