In the spirit of fresh starts, a list of my favorite beauty recipes. A facelift for winter fatigue.R40 Radiance Cream by Euoko – a nightly nourishment

Nourish Daily Moisturizer by Kate Somerville – a morning hydrator

Kombucha – a live culture elixir to give your system a kickstart

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5 thoughts on “tonic.

  1. thank you so much for the sweet comment!! i love kombucha and kate somerville. nice picks 🙂
    shea marie

  2. thanks for these tips dear. i really need a new good moisturizer!
    hope you’re having a wonderful weekend
    thanks for stopping by me

  3. thanks for the lovely comment. you have a great blog here as well. gonna definitely keep my eye on you.


  4. love me some kombucha! was devastated when it disappeared for those few weeks…seemed like forever! just wanted to say thanks so much for your nice comment on my blog. really means alot!

    ashley ❤

  5. Needed a great post-beach hydrator and LOVE your suggested Euoko cream. Thanks JJ


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