Tis’ the season of resolutions and emails promoting the hottest cleanse.

My favorite claim of  2011 is Deepak Chopra’s non-resolution. He suggests practicing a quarterly self-inventory to ask yourself…

Who am I? What do I want? What is my life’s purpose? What kind of relationships do I want to have? What is my idea of well being, and how can I achieve it?

You may not arrive at an answer, but you will begin thinking and acting differently. Rather than fatiguing yourself with resolutions + willpower, self-inquiry naturally leads to change.  Thanks, Deepak!

P.S. – one cleansing ritual I do swear by is to begin the day with a glass of warm water and a healthy squeeze of lemon. give it a whirl.

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2 thoughts on “cleanse.

  1. I think I’d like to add the warm water & lemon to my morning routine! Thanks!

    xx Cristina

  2. i like that a lot. i have no resolutions. i just wish i could do more things that i think i should do- but never get to doing- like working out. but im not beating myself up if i don’t.. instead I will just get proud of myself if i do it..

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