paints of cartagena.

Valentino Cortazar

Did I mention that Colombians are wildly welcoming  people? Well next thing I know we are sipping Tempranillo in the uber-romantic studio + apartment of one of Columbia’s most celebrated artists. Colorful, passionate, and easy-going…a description that applies to the place, artwork and l’artiste.

We fell head over heels for the portrait of ‘Zoa’…which created a bit of a security stir carrying through Colombian customs, but she’s safely at home now.

Valentino and me

portrait of the artist’s son, designer Esteban Cortazar


Guillermo the boxer

Just down the street from Hotel Tcherassi, behind a decrepid doorway, lives a kookey little man named Guillermo. In his youth Guillermo was a notable boxer. Now he spends his days painting unruly figures like the cat dressed as a Torreador, who now also resides in our home. On some days, you might even find Guillermo wandering around his bedroom in an old helmet. A sight to behold!

DVF skirt, C&C California tank,Tom Ford sunnies


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5 thoughts on “paints of cartagena.

  1. thanks so much for sharing,
    nice photos. you look so amazing. do adore that dvf skirt. its so gorgeous.
    hope you had a wonderful trip and a good weekend


  2. Katie Winslow on said:

    Gorgeous!!! Cannot wait to see the new painting.

  3. Zacharias Morales on said:

    I was just in Cartagena this past week on vacation and stayed in a B&B across the street from his gallery. I bought 3 of his works!!! Yep…a little kooky…but great works of art!!! Thanks for the insight re his boxing career…I bought his painting of a boxer…LOL.

  4. Zacharias Morales on said:

    Uggh!!! I don’t know his last name and I’m coming up empty re any web searches on him except for yours. I’d love to know more about him…any clues??

  5. Emmy Vest on said:

    Link to article about Guillermo:

    He has moved to Calle Segunda de Badillo, still painting wonderful, colorful, original takes on the local scene. There are also a couple of his murals in Calle de la Sierpe in Getsemany.

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