sweating sneakers.

My high top fantasy has finally come true. After missing the cut at the Beverly Hills and NYC Missoni flagship stores, I finally uncovered the limited edition Missoni x Converse sneaker at Aloha Rag, NY. I have this quirky obsession with Chuck Taylors – even claiming to be the first grade school kid to make black low top Converse cool on the playground (and yes, it irks me when this fact is disputed). So when the iconic sneaker met the signature Missoni zig zag, it was love at first sight.

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7 thoughts on “sweating sneakers.

  1. Spectacular!! Thrilled you were able to procure them as they are in such high demand. Perfect for the Fall!

  2. manmanman i i LOVE those sneaks. great find.
    theyre brilliant.
    (envious now)


  3. Cool sneakers!

  4. hope youre enjoying your weekend dear

  5. Missoni + Converse omg I’m in heaven. I hope these aren’t impossible to find!

    X Cristina

  6. I love those sneakers. !!

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