I have always dreamt of visiting Cuba. The mystery, forgotten time, cigars, vintage cars. Upon stumbling on these photos of my grandfather in Cuba in the winter of 1952, the urge became even more alluring. And might I add that John Scholl appeared to be quite the debonair stud in his day. Perhaps Robert Redford was channeling this sartorial style for his character as Jack Weil in Havana.

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4 thoughts on “havana.

  1. you would love Florida

  2. Great pics!! Reminds me of the Sartorialist’s vintage photo competition. Very debonair, grandpa!

    xx Cristina

  3. Katie on said:

    What a gorgeous gentleman!! Book those plane tickets my dear!

  4. Ray Jr. on said:

    Love the pictures Jenny… I have some of grandpa in Sweetwater Texas (during world war two) where he is wearing the same style suits with cowboy boots (pretty forward for this day).

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