fried rice. fried carrot cake.

I typically avoid ethnic foods at lunchtime, but when my two foodie-fabulous girlfriends suggested Sunda for lunch, I was forced to relinquish my dining commandments. And was I ever pleased that I agreed. The meal began with sparkling Rosé (a personal favorite) and continued on to include rounds of warm spinach salad, tuna + garden rolls, and the house specialty – sticky rice pads topped with scoops of guacamole shrimp. We didn’t stop there. Sure, it was lunchtime. But oh. my. how can one resist a dessert item called ‘the ridiculous’? Fried carrot cake with a Tahitian vanilla ice cream center covered in golden caramel. Ridiculously divine.

Burberry blouse, AG denim, Prada sandals, Balenciaga handbag

Sunda on Urbanspoon

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6 thoughts on “fried rice. fried carrot cake.

  1. Jessica on said:

    I LOVE that top!!

  2. Guacamole shrimp sounds absolutely tasty. those sandals look comfy and stylish.

    Have a good weekend! 🙂

  3. what a wonderful blog i LOVE it.
    and you look so stunning in that outfit.

    hope youre having a great summer darling
    take care


  4. the food looks soo delish! i really love that blouse too 🙂 thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you’ll visit again! have a great weekend!

  5. camera work is beautiful well done! and dont get me start on the food, looks amazing…. thanks for checking my blog, very appreciated. stay in touch x

  6. I love your handbag

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