music + enchiladas = art

Santa Fe – Day 2.

Morning stroll past the Cathedral.

Onto the gallery mecca of the U.S. – Canyon Road.

Gebert Contemporary Art Gallery

James Perse cardigan + dress, vintage crocodile cowboy boots, Miu Miu handbag

Dinner at local favorite Cafe Pasqual’s.  A vibrant, cozy cafe that serves innovative New Mexican dishes make for an incomparable experience.

wearing the ring I found at Bara’s stand on the Plaza with a Forever 21 top

I highly recommend ordering the swiss chard enchiladas “Christmas style”.  Our adorable waitress let me know this is what the locals say when selecting both red + green salsas.  Too good.

Check out the copper basins in the bathroom before you go.

We arranged our trip to include the Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros show at the Santa Fe Brewing Company.  I have never been the biggest live music nut, but I am totally crazed over this group of ‘gypsters’ (for lack of a better word) and their bizarre beats.

Alex Ebert (lead singer + modern-day Jim Morrison) and I

Cafe Pasqual's on Urbanspoon

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8 thoughts on “music + enchiladas = art

  1. Beautiful images, thanks for sharing!

  2. Burton on said:

    You really should cite me when using the term gypster, ya know. Yet how appropriate is it for those guys?!

  3. beautiful pics! do u take all urself?

  4. Love these pictures, and want your boots!! 🙂

  5. Katie on said:

    Fantastic post – a few days of leisure in Sante Fe, love it!

  6. awesome shots!
    love the blog
    great posts 🙂
    stop by some time! xx

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