The Squid and The Beach

Final stop : Girona.

The typical reaction when learning a close friend is moving is one of dismay.  However, when Coral told me she was moving temporarily to Northern Spain with her Tour de France boyfriend, I promptly began planning my trip.  I wonder if she expected the immediate visit…

Nonetheless, TW and I gleefully arrived at the door of their lovely pied-a-terre and were treated to an incredible taste of their life in Girona.

Moroccan lamps on Coral’s window frame

Girona is a city laden with history, still surrounded by the defensive wall from Roman days.  The wall also separates the new and old parts of the city.  Within the walls narrow walkways serve as streets and elderly women still manage the cobble stones in high heels.  The siesta is strictly observed and the cathedral’s chime serve as the town’s clock. And recently, a huge international influence from the global cycling community has created a thriving restaurant scene.

Clockwise from front left: Cabrales, Gorgonzola dulce, Epoisses, Muenster, a crazy Swedish number, Roncal, Marchego, and ?

Cheese by Will.   The Tour de France cyclist I mentioned also happens to be a trained chef and overall wine & cheese guru.  In jest, I asked him to blindly identify each selection of the plate.  He didn’t blink.  Now that is talent!

my entree in Girona

parked scooter by nightfall

The following afternoon, we drove further up the coast to a black sand beach with the saltiest waters I have ever swam in.  A complete detoxification and tranquil moment to relish in our memories from the trip.

mussels, squid and Rosé overlooking the beach

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