Karl Lagerfeld Diet

How is it that the Chanel label can turn the most common place munchies into haute couture items?  Oscar-worthy popcorn, drive-thru fast food, and frosting rich cupcakes in tones of polished cream and black.  Junk food never tasted so good.

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2 thoughts on “Karl Lagerfeld Diet

  1. Casey C. on said:

    I am convinced that Chanel could slap its label on a sack of garbage and it would still be something to covet. Great post!

  2. Rana Gheissari on said:

    I used to work with a Chanel-crazed woman. Despite never having skied a day in her life, she owned Chanel skis & boots. I had to talk her out of the Chanel surfboard selling at Neiman Marcus. If she had been younger, there is no doubt in my mind that she would have had the interlocking C’s as a tramp stamp. The cupcakes IMMEDIATELY reminded me of her!

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