Shades of Green

My dad loved St. Patrick’s Day.  The holiday was a big deal in our house and continues to incite so many childhood memories. From Irish dancing in the Chicago parade to chemical green carnations on the kitchen table, and the old-fashioned “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” pins my dad wore on his sporting cap.

While I am not a fan of dressing in theme (even the thought of it gives me the shivers), green is a brilliant color.  Olive. Hunter. Army. Emerald. Pistachio. Mint.

TW’s green suede loafer, Osklen Brazil

Upper West Side, NYC flea market vintage fur vest

I did opt for a hint of forest green polish…I suppose that’s mildly festive.

photo credit: bryanboy

I am coveting this keychain from the 2011 Louis Vuitton collection for my scooter.

The ultimate cinematographic expression of aphrodisiac green.  Add to your Netflix queue immediately if you have yet to see Gwenyth Paltrow as the green goddess Estella in the Great Expectations remake.

Enjoy a Guinness, an absinthe (if that’s your thing…?), or a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake  (take my word on this).  Happy St. Pat’s!

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One thought on “Shades of Green

  1. K. Darling on said:

    And, if you truly have the luck of the Irish… you’ll get to experience a day of belting out a jolly tune with your favorite friends at a Dublin pub while enjoying that Guinness! Happy St. Pat’s!

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